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We are Minnesota's Broadcasters

The Minnesota Broadcasters Association (MBA) is a common voice that promotes and protects Minnesota broadcasting by representing radio and television broadcasters from across the state. We provide member stations with a wide variety of services, including advocacy at the state and federal levels, providing legal counsel, coordinating professional development seminars and producing high quality public affairs radio and TV programs.

We are also active in promoting broadcasting to the general public. The MBA produces public service announcements for member stations, offers scholarships for broadcast education, and provides speakers to schools and civic groups. We maintain a job bank and answer questions about broadcasting from both the public and the media.

Check out educational opportunities and career options, job openings, find a member station, learn how Minnesota broadcasters are making a difference in our communities and more.

Members can post job openings, view resumes, seek legal counsel or simply find out what’s going on at the state and federal levels of government with regard to our industry.