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  • Date Posted: 2014-10-28 09:00:00

Sales Intern Reports directly to the Sales Coordinator. Leighton Broadcasting is looking for outgoing, motivated, individuals with an interest in gaining sales experience. The internship is paid with flexible hours. Total hours per week are 15-20 on average. Future employment post internship is possible. Applicants with exceptional organizational communication and interest in radio broadcast are urged to apply. All majors are encouraged to apply, but the position fits best for marketing or business majors, who would like to eventually work in sales. Projected length of internship is one year, depending on performance. Ideal for a student in their Junior/Senior year. For questions about the internship or to call for an interview, please contact Leighton Broadcasting and ask for the Sales Coordinator at 320-251-1450 or email your resume to Reports to Sales Coordinator. Responsibilities: Assist in the creation of signage, promotional one sheets, e-mail campaigns, creative, etc. Perform analysis of marketing and sales data. Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline. Prepare presentations. Updating contact database. Assist with Sales Support. Assist with Input of National Client orders. Handle PSA’s from concept to on-air to follow-up. Work with SCSU with sports ads. Other duties as assigned. Requirements: Must be 18+, College student majoring in Marketing or Business preferred, Basic computer knowledge, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as Outlook. Current driver’s license, Reliable transportation, Satisfactory driving record. Physical Demands: Able to receive, process, and maintain information through oral and/or written communication effectively. Substantial physical movement (motions) of the wrists, hands, and/or fingers. Lift, move, and carry up to 20 pounds on occasion. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer 11/2014

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Preparing for a Career in Broadcasting

Educational Opportunities

College-level journalism programs prepare people for careers in reporting, editing, photojournalism, radio-television news, and the teaching of journalism. Some programs also offer training in magazine journalism, newsletter production, and advertising and public relations.

Programs in communications develop skills in oral, written, or electronic communications. Some programs focus on communication theory and research, or on interpersonal and organizational communication. Yet, other programs emphasize communications, journalism, radio-television, or public relations.

Both journalism and communications programs include the problems and techniques of communicating information and ideas to large and varied audiences.

Programs vary from associate degrees to graduate level offerings. Many two-year and four-year colleges offer the first two years of liberal arts course work that can be transferred to a four-year college for completion of a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Program Admission

Most journalism schools prefer students who have a broad liberal arts background in English, literature, speech, history, and the social sciences. Foreign languages are usually not required for entry, but are strongly recommended.

Programs at four-year schools accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications usually accept only six hours of transfer credit in journalism from two-year colleges. Graduate-level programs may have limited enrollments and require early application, letters of recommendation, and a portfolio containing samples of the applicant’s journalistic work.

Typical Coursework

Degrees in journalism and communications often share similar foundations. Most four-year college programs stress a broad curriculum in liberal arts and sciences.

In consultation with counselors and professors, a student often focuses upon an area of interest within these two disciplines. Some students specialize in newspaper and magazine writing, which involves additional writing and editing courses. In broadcasting, additional production and technical courses are required. Specialization in advertising and public relations involves additional writing, design, advertising or public relations courses. Students may use computers for electronic publishing and web publishing, layout and design, video graphics, word processing, and computer-assisted reporting.

Lectures, laboratory work, independent projects, and internships are common methods of instruction. Of course, different schools have different graduation requirements. See individual college catalogs for additional information about curriculum and graduation requirements.

Things to Know

Internship are often required or recommended for graduation. In addition to internships at MBA member stations, schools may also recommend internships at newspapers, advertising agencies, or public relations departments. Students are also encouraged to work for college newspapers, radio stations, and yearbooks and/or work part-time for local media outlets while still in school. Internships are a valuable opportunity to assess career opportunities and establish a professional network. Radio and television announcers and technicians are subject to licensing requirements set by the Federal Communications Commission.

Need More Information?

For additional information and a list of accredited journalism schools, contact:

Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Comm.
Stauffer-Flint Hall
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045
(785) 864-3986

To order “The Journalist’s Road to Success: A Career and Scholarship Guide,” send $3.00 to:

“Journalist’s Road to Success”
The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc.
PO Box 300
Princeton, NJ 08543-0300
(609) 452-2820

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