Explore Minnesota Tourism Campaign 4 Spots & Traffic Instructions


(Spots delivered electronically – MP3 format)

TO:  Traffic/Operations Desk

Advertiser: Explore Minnesota Tourism

Product:  Campaign 4

Date:  September 2, 2016

Station Notes:

This flight is for Explore Minnesota Tourism’s radio advertising utilizing inventory from the 2016 agreement with the Minnesota Broadcasters Association (MBA) for Non Commercial Sustaining Announcements (NCSA). If your station is included in this flight you should have received buy sheets in the mail recently, with this same information.

IMPORTANT: All Explore Minnesota spots are accessed electronically online in MP3 format. 

Flight Dates: September 12-October 23 2016  (6 weeks)

COMM’L LENGTH  :30 radio

COMM’L CODE/Title:  EMT-0901/ExploreMN Magic & EMT-0902/ExploreMN Scorecard

SCHEDULE: 9/12/2016-10/23/2016

ROTATION: Rotate each spot 50%

Electronic Delivery Options:


1.       Please download the MP3 files on www.minnesotabroadcasters.com   On the home page click on “News” in the Blue Box at the top of the page and then select “News Blog”.  From here you can scroll down to the Explore Minnesota Downloads.

2.       The MP3 file can be e-mailed to you, if needed, by Explore Minnesota Tourism.


If you have any questions regarding this program please contact one of the individuals or organizations listed below:

Contact for electronic delivery options and other questions:

John Schultz-Explore MN Tourism

Phone: 651-757-1846

e-mail: john.schultz@state.mn.us

Details of the current schedule or questions about remaining commitment of air time to Explore Minnesota Tourism:

Dubbs and O'Meara Inc.

Mame O'Meara

Phone: 952.476.1173

Fax: 952.476.1194

e-mail: dubbsandomeara@yahoo.com

The workings of the NCSA program: 

Your stations contract with the MBA

Minnesota Broadcasters Association

Linda LaSere (612) 926-8123  llasere@minnesotabroadcasters.com