16 Oct

The newly designed MBA website is coming online soon. As a result, the site may be temporarily unavailable during this process. We appreciate your patience!

24 Sep

The FCC has updated its contest rules to enable broadcasters to post material terms on-line rather than requiring disclosure through over-the-air announcements.

Licensees still retain the option to disclose material contest terms through “a reasonable number” of periodic announcements. But now an alternative is provided to post the rules on any publicly-accessible website, whether or not it is the licensee’s own. The FCC considers a website to be publicly accessible if it...Continued

8 Sep

The FCC has announced that the 2015 Regulatory Fees are due on September 24. Log in as a member and click on Downloads for details and a schedule of fees. Please contact MBA FCC Counsel Gregg Skall with questions.

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